Water Fountains: Water is core to life and to the ministry of WISH. We provide water for a village of 30,000 people at 19 fountains. These fountains are strategically located to serve the neighborhoods of the village. These fountains are in need of an update. We are looking for churches, organizations, or individuals to sponsor a fountain. The cost of sponsoring a fountain is a six year commitment requiring an initial $5,000 in the first year, and then a contribution of $1,000 a year for years 2-6. This will give us the money to update and then maintain the sponsored fountain and the system that serves it.

Feeding Program: WISH feeds more than 100 impoverished children a meal of rice and beans each day. The cost is $0.35 per child per day. A gift of $35.00 will provide 100 protein and carbohydrate rich meals for hungry children.

Solar Power: WISH provides daily electric power to major buildings in Anse-a-Galet, including the WISH compound, Ice Plant, Welding Shop, Wesleyan Hospital, Dental Clinic, new Community Center and Youth Center, and the village Police Statiaon. The power is currently produced with diesel generators. Our vision is to install a Solar Power System. The estimated cost is $450,000.

Island Truck Replacement: Currently our Island Toyota Truck is on its last legs and badly needs replacement. The estimated cost is $54,000.

Student Scholarships: WISH currently supports three students in their university education. Two students are in medical school in the Dominican Republic; one student is in dental school in Port-au-Prince. You can help support and expand this program with donations of any size.