The WISH Board

Back (L-R): Kevin Bracey, Brian Henderson, Jon Rayner, Steve Haenchen, Tom Larson
Front (L-R): Arlyn Smits, Robin Churchill, Dick Doan, Dave Kolb, Meghan Miller, Bob Shelton

Dave Kolb – WISH Chairman/President
Dave has been in the Steel Fabrication field for over 40 years. He is married to Leona, and has five grown children and nine grandchildren. Dave has been involved with WISH since 2009, and makes three trips each year to LaGonave. He has been involved with many of the construction projects including the Youth Center and Resource Center.

Stephen Haenchen – WISH Vice-Chairman/Vice President
Steve is married with three daughters and six grandchildren. Currently he is employed by Post Consumer Branch and has been in food sales for 45 years. Steve’s first trip to LaGonave was in 2015, and he has been returning every year doing work projects like the Feeding Center and the Youth Center.

Jon Rayner – WISH Treasurer
Jon is a retired manufacturing executive. He is married to Molly; they have two grown sons and one granddaughter. Jon first visited the island of LaGonave, Haiti, in 1985. In 2015 he returned with a work team from his St. Louis church to assist WISH with community construction projects, such as a Feeding Center for children and the WISH Youth Center. Jon coordinates the work teams from his church and visits WISH annually.

Richard Doan – WISH Board Member
Dick has been married to Cindy since 2013, after they each lost their first spouse. Dick served as Director of WISH on the island of LaGonave, Haiti, for 13 years with his first wife, Donna. Dick returns to LaGonave on work teams to continue his service to this mission.

Brian Henderson – WISH Board Member
Brian lives in Columbus, Ohio, and manages an engineering services organization that designs electric utility systems. Brian first visited LaGonave in 2014 with students from Ohio Northern University to develop a preliminary design of a solar electric power system. Brian is currently active on the Solar Task Force for WISH, and visits LaGonave in support of WISH ministries.

Tom Larson – WISH Board Member
Tom resides in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in the winter and Grand Haven, Michigian, the birthplace of WISH, in the summer. He is a retired HVACR distribution company owner. Along with his spouse Claudia, they have been associated with WISH for over 35 years. Claudia’s mother was an early Board member and made several trips to LaGonave with Tony Wolf. Claudia and Tom have been together 57 years and have three children, seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Tom’s goal for WISH is to identify Haitian nationals to take leadership roles in the mission.

Bob Shelton – WISH Board Member
Bob is a retired business owner that has the blessing of serving God’s Kingdom at WISH. He is married to his wife, Dee, for over 50 years; they have two sons and five grandchildren. Bob first visited WISH more than 20 years ago. He continues to be encouraged by the 98% use of every dollar donated toward the implementation of the WISH mission statement.

Arlyn Smits – WISH Board Member
Arlyn is retired from working 36 years in the telephone industry. He is married with 2 sons, and a daughter who went at a young age to be with her Lord. He is blessed with 4 grandchildren. Arlyn’s first trip to LaGonave, Haiti, was in 1985, to repair a well drilling rig and drill a water well. He has served on the Board since 1985. He has returned to Haiti several times, working on drilling and repairing water wells and various other projects, including tractor repair and welding projects. He is currently serving on the Solar Committee, and is looking forward to what the Lord has for WISH in the next 50 years.

Mark Turpin – WISH Board Member
Mark, and his wife of 40 years, Michele, have three children and six grandchildren. He is a retired construction contractor; Michele is a recently retired school teacher. Mark has been serving the Lord since 1981. Work and witness construction trips are his passion. His wife has also dedicated her retirement life to service of the Lord. They are both praying for more opportunities to serve in LaGonave, Haiti.